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Unicycle Race Covers 500+ Miles

This is just amazing. Ride the Lobster is a unicycle race in Nova Scotia Canada that was done in 5 stages covering 800km (or just about 500 miles). The winners finished in 36:17:47 which pencils out to a pace of about 4:20 per mile pace. That’s crazy!!

How many bike riders out there could do 500 miles at a 4:20 pace?

This could provide further fuel for my dream of one day doing a complete joggling triathlon and maybe using a unicycle for the bike leg instead.

At the very least, it provides some inspiration for today’s workout. Instead of joggling 4 or 5 miles, I’m going to crack out the old unicycle and have a spin around the neighborhood. It’s been at least 8 months since I’ve gotten up on the thing so hopefully I don’t kill myself.

And here’s a video of it.  Of course I have a unicycle!  Every joggler should get a unicycle.

[youtube= 400 325]

Do we have any other unicycling jogglers out there?

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out how the SWIM portion of the triathalon works? Kicking only swiming on your back and juggling?

  2. Brian,

    I have experimented with swimming and juggling in the following way. You lay on your back and juggle up.


    Just get one, sit on it, and ride. I think you can find some good training sources on the net.

  3. Great idea to substitute the unicycle for a bike in the joggling triathlon. For the swim portion, you could do front crawl with behind-the-back tosses, pulling the ball through the water on the downstroke. Just make sure your balls float.

    I need a new unicycle.

  4. Flurpy, yes you can learn to ride a unicycle. No need for tutorials – just practice (next to a convenient wall/fence/railing). And the whole learning process is really fun – you can feel a bit of progress every session, and then it just gets better and better.

  5. Been a lot of months since my previous post on this.
    I actually got a unicycle, and tought myself with online tutorials.

    I’ve done a few cycle races, with the longest distance covered 64km’s. I’m training towards doing the Argus Cycle tour in 2 weeks time. It is a cycle race in Cape Town over 109km, with over 30 000 participants.

    Perry, thanks for introducing me to both joggling and unicycling.

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