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Where is the best place to set a record?

Chicago is a pretty good place for running records.  The marathon record has been set here a couple of times.  The weather is nice in the fall and the course is relatively flat.  I got my world joggling record here in Chicago.  Back in 2007 I joggled the 50 miler on the lakefront in a time of 8:23:52 which was just about a half hour faster than the previous record holder.  flash-record

But based on this story, Toronto may be the best place for setting records. In the Toronto marathon / half marathon race a total of 5 world records were set/broke.  These include..

1.  Fastest female marathon in a firefighter’s suit.
2.  Fastest marathon dressed as a zookeeper.
3.  Fastest marathon dressed in a baseball uniform. (I wonder if he wore spikes?)
4.  Fastest half marathon in a superhero outfit.  (It was a Flash outfit)
5.  Fastest half marathon done while joggling.

The last one was by Michal Kapral one of the dominant athletes in the world of joggling.  He holds records in the 10K, half marathon, and marathon.  I suspect he could get pretty much every record if he wanted to, although he’s had a couple of misses when trying to get the 5K.  Anyway, congrats to all the new world record holders.

And if you are looking for a place to set or break a wacky world record, the Toronto Waterfront marathon might just be the race for you.

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