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You know you are a runner when…

Recently, a group from my urban tribe decided to participate in the Great Midwest Relay. In this race / run, a team of people (we’ll have 12) run from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois. The total distance traveled is 190 miles.

This should be great fun. I’m especially looking forward to running and juggling at night time.

There are a host of people on the team who would not consider themselves runners but we all know this isn’t true. There are a few things that are certain.

You know you’re a runner when…

1. You drive over an hour to get to a 5K race.
2. You go to Florida during the winter to run a race.
3. You carry a separate bag to hold your running clothes
4. You’re running clothes fill half your suitcase.
5. You take 2 showers a day.
6. You don’t think 1 mile is long enough.
7. You can joke about chaffing.
8. You have more than 8 non-cotton t-shirts.
9. You get excited when you receive a new watch with a heart monitor.

10. You sign up with a group of people to run 190 miles and you think it’s fun.

So, to everyone on the “We’ve got balls” relay team, you are all runners!

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  1. I have 3 non-cotton T-shirts and I love them. I also have 3 pairs of non-cotton briefs. I’ve never been drier. I take more than 2 showers a week. I walk for miles, but I don’t run much. I’ve never run more than 1 mile in a day. I have juggled for two hours in a day, though. Great blog.

  2. Well that list explains why I haven’t been running lately. Guess I should hang up the shoes. Happy 1st Anniversary joggler. I hope Shannon buys you some glow in the dark joggling bags.

    ps. I think you should do a blog post just on the non-cotton briefs that Dedwarmo refers to in his comments. Now that would be some good blogging!

  3. I’m on the team but I’m still no runner. =P
    By the way, I signed up for Chicago Marathon on Friday. I guess I should start getting serious.

  4. Listen to this guy. “I signed up for the Chicago Marathon…” but he’s still no runner. You guys crack me up.

    Karyn, thanks for the anniversary wishes. And there is no need to hang up the shoes. Just put them on and start running.

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