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It’s funny. I write a post about retiring, say I’m not retiring from joggling, and then don’t write anything for aJoggling the World week. Rest assured, I haven’t retired from joggling or writing this blog. I was just on a trip to Florida (Orlando) and didn’t have much time or motivation to write. Sometimes people need a break.

But the nice thing about a break is that you can return refreshed and full of new ideas. Here are a few things to look forward to on JYAJ.

More joggler interviews. There are almost a dozen more jogglers who I’m going to try and get on the interview pages.

Basic joggling report. I’m working on a free report on how to transform a couch potato to a joggling junkie.

Joggler Site Re-design. I tire of the current design and it can definitely be better, more user friendly.

Joggling Stuff. My current joggling shirts are beat up and smell bad. It would be nice to have new ones designed and make them available for anyone who is out there joggling.

Joggling Podcast. I’ve always thought doing a podcast could be fun so I might start one about joggling. I’m not really sure but I’ll record a few episodes and see if it’s any good before releasing.

I’ve significantly changed my life recently and anticipate a burst of creativity in the coming weeks, months and years. The shackles of corporate America have been lifted and I’m now free to succeed or fail on my own terms. Let’s hope it’s the former.

Joggle on.

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