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Cool Hand Invention Can Improve Running Performance

I love it when people take things discovered in basic science and turn them into useful inventions.

Here is a story about two biologists from Stanford who created a “Glove” that rapidly reduces body temperature and leads to impressive athletic gains. According to the inventors, you stick your hand in The Glove (more like a coffee pot than a glove) and it pulls blood into your palm. The blood is quickly cooled before being sent back into your body.

They say that cooling overheated muscles like this dramatically improves physical performance. This allows runners and jogglers to train harder and longer.  Of course, it might be a challenge to joggle with your hand in this glove.

Here’s a video showing how a weightlifter benefits from using the device.


The product is available for the tiny price of $2500 and you can get it from Avacore Technologies. Apparently, they are working on a less expensive version. I wonder if they need any jogglers to experiment on.

Hey guys, if you do, I know one that’s available.

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