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Jogglers Live Longer

Not that you needed any more convincing that joggling was good for you, but here’s a study that does just that. According to research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine running (and joggling) had significant, long-lasting benefits.

In the exercise study, researchers followed 2 groups, one composed of self-described runners and another of self-described non-runners. They began the study in 1984 and recently did a follow-up. 538 people were in the running group and 423 people were in the non-running group. All were 50 years or older when the study began.

The Benefits of Joggling

Here were some of the most interesting findings.

1. Exercising is good for your health. People who did it regularly had a host of healthy improvements including better aerobic capacity, better cardiovascular fitness, increased bone mass, fewer inflammatory markers, less physical disability, better response to vaccinations and even improved thinking, learning and memory.

2. Exercising helped people live longer. This one is most interesting to me as it is my goal to live until 107.  After 19 years of the study, 15% of the runners died while 34% of the non-runners died.

3. Exercise has a lasting effect. Even after people stopped running & took up a less stressful exercise, they continued to realize health benefits.

4. Joint problems are a myth. One thing that will surprise many people is that this study demonstrates that running does NOT harm your joints. There was no difference between the condition of runner’s joints and those of non-runners.

This joggler’s advice…Keep on joggling no matter how old you are!

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