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Gift ideas for your favorite joggler

Juggling presentsThe good folks over at Complete Running have put together a list of 25 gift ideas for a runner (or joggler).

I think the following are pretty good.

1. Body Glide: We wrote about this in a previous chafing post.

4. Magnetic Runner Night Light: Good for joggling in the dark.

6. Lock laces. My shoelaces do come undone on occasion.

7. Warm Gloves: These are a must for Chicago joggling.

8. Warm Socks: Another must for winter running in Chicago.

13. Snot Spot Wiper: Good idea, although I’m not sure how good it will be on the Gballz.

14. Snacks: They call these healthy. You might also consider one of the many fine candy bars for runners and jogglers.

23. Sport wash: Because you know your joggling clothes smell. This post tells you why your running clothes smell.

That’s all that I’d want. To this list I would add some joggling specific items.

26. A set of 3 Premier Gballz bean bags (Red, Sassy, & Baltic Blue).
27. The Mathematics of Juggling : This sounds like an interesting book.
28. Video camera: For taping your best juggling routines.
29. Jim Kweskin CD: Some of the best juggling music around.

Any jugglers or runners have more to add?

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  1. Biggest problem you will have running a marathon with a camera is running out of tape/storage. 3+ hours without changing a tape is probably an issue. A nother idea would be strapping a digital camera to you some how and having it set to take a photo every 10 seconds or so. That would be 1200-1400 photos, something maybe doable on the larger Storage cards, or swaping a card in the middle of a marathon wouldn’t be that hard. Somewhere I saw a “Video” of someone driving across the country that did something similar. Photo every min or two for the whole trip. Edited into a 10 min video.

    I have a copy of the mathmatics of juggling. A warning for any one getting it is that it is VERY math intensive. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and some of it was over my head. My Physics PHD father however greatly enjoied it.

  2. brian, thanks for the tip about the book. I like juggling and math but I more along the lines of paulos than any real heady math. good tip about the video camera too. someday I’ll figure that out.

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