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Joggling in New York

It seems I do as much traveling as I do joggling these days. Today’s trip brings me to the biggest city in the United States, New York City. It’s a great place and some people here even have an appreciation for joggling. Consider the story of my New York running and juggling workout.

Are there any running shorts in New York?

My hotel is in the heart of Times Square. Very cool during the day, but I’m not so sure it’ll be cool tonight when all the lights are on. I decided I would go for a run before my conference because there’s a chance I wouldn’t get back to my room early enough to keep the joggling streak alive. Running and juggling streaks are funny like that, they control you.juggling while traveling

As often happens when I travel, I forget to pack things. While I remembered my rubber chicken, 9 juggling bags, iPod, running shoes, running shirt, socks, special running underwear, laptop computer, cell phone, bicentennial quarter, latest copy of Runner’s World magazine, hackysack, and a tiny screwdriver set, I didn’t remember my running shorts!

I scoured Times Square searching for any place that would sell running shorts. After 90 minutes I still hadn’t found any place. This is New York City for Chrissake! I almost gave up until I stumbled into a New Balance shop on 7th Avenue. Fortunately, they had just the right size so I was back in business.

Joggling in the Park

When in New York you have to run in Central Park. I know it’s cliche but it’s still pretty cool. From my hotel it was about a 7 minute run and I certainly got my fair share of smiles, comments and puzzled looks as I joggled through the crowded sidewalks. Two street vendors even tried to swipe the balls right out of my hand. Sometimes jogglers get no respect.

But you should expect that when joggling.  The reactions you get will mostly be positive (like my blood type) but sometimes as Michal has pointed out, there are sadistic types who want to see you fail.  Just keep smiling and joggle on.

I joggled around Central Park for about 40 minutes enjoying the cool, sunny weather, the sights & smells of the park, and the opportunity to pass other runners.  I usually only get to pass other runners on the weekends in Chicago.  One thing you should know about Central Park, there are some steep hills.  This is much different than Chicago joggling.

When I finished joggling, I stopped by a Duane Read and picked up a Diet Dr. Pepper.  I was off soda for a while but decided to treat myself since I’m traveling.  It’s lame but soda doesn’t seem like such a bad vise.  I’ll stop drinking it when I get home.

I hand wrote some blog entries on the plane so stay tuned for some new stuff.  I’ve been disappointed in my posting frequency lately but traveling has made it a challenge.  Coming soon…

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Joggle on!

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