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Joggler Press

Chicago Tribune – Thursday, October 26, 2006

This was an interview they did right at the end of the race. It’s not my best picture but it was fun to see in the paper. I especially liked that they have me juggling and 2 of the balls are in the air. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Chicago Tribune joggling marathon

October 21 & 22, 2006 – WGN Radio Interview

These guys saw the article in Time Out Chicago and we did 2 interviews of about 10 minutes each. It was my first time on the radio. It was great fun. That Nick is a hoot. Click on the picture to listen.

Interview on WGN
October 19, 2006 – Time Out Chicago Magazine
This article was written by a free-lance writer (Susan Muskovitz) who happened to see me running along the Lakefront path. She wrote about it in her blog and contacted me after I left her a comment. It was great fun to do the interview and the photo shoot.

Time Out Chicago Joggling Magazine

March 2006 – Chicago Athlete Magazine

I didn’t know it at the time but someone took a picture of me running the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle and put it on the front cover of Chicago Athlete Magazine. I only found out about it when one of my friends told me they saw it.

October 2005 – Windy City Sports

A fun article in Windy City Sports magazine. They profiled a bunch of different people doing the marathon and someone tipped them off to my story. Back then the world record for joggling a marathon was 3:20:49. Oh, how times have changed.

October 2004 – Runner’s World

This is one of the first bit of press that I ever received. I was really happy to get this small write-up in Runner’s World. We did a photo shoot and everything. That was cool.

joggling in runners world

March 2004 – Chicago Sun Times

I don’t remember the date exactly but I got my picture in the Chicago Sun Times. I was training along the Lakefront path and a photographer happened to be out there taking pictures. He was amused by me and snapped a photo for the newspaper. My mom was so proud.

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  1. Perry —

    I’m a freelance writer in Chicago. We touched base a couple months ago, after I passed you running along the Lakefront and blogged about the encounter.

    I’d love to interview you about your very unique hobby. I cannot guarantee publication, but I plan to pitch a piece to Chicago Magazine or Time Out Chicago. Think it could be great material in anticipation of October’s marathon. I assume you will be participating?

    If you have any interest in an interview, please contact me through my website,

    I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. What does joggling actually mean?

    In the UK its a method of putting recessed lips onto metal sheeting – using a tool called a joggler.

    Do you carry such a tool (and suitable sheet steel) around with you whilst running marathons?

  3. Joggling : Running whilst juggling.

    I hadn’t considered carrying a “joggler” with me while I run. Do you think it will help? I’m willing to try anything that might help me run faster. Except banned substances of course.

  4. Who wants to be the first person to run a marathon while juggling three jogglers? It would be the joggler joggling marathon! I have seen photos of these tools, though, and they look pretty heavy. Maybe a 5k? I can see the headlines now: “Joggler Joggler Sets New Record”.

  5. I’m in for that Michal. I was actually thinking of asking you to do a tandom joggling marathon with me. We’d run side-by-side for the whole race passing bean bags between us. Although, I might be just a little too slow for you. 🙂

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