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Want To Increase Your Brain Size?

Remember that story a while back about how learning to juggle could increase the size of your brain? Well, the authors are back again with some follow-up research. According to this report, juggling really does change brain structure. But the new information is that learning a new skill has more effect on your brain than continued training in an already-learned skill.

So, once you figure out the basic juggling moves, don’t spend too much time perfecting the pattern. Instead, start learning new tricks, new patterns, and try joggling. It will be better for your brain.

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  1. Perry,
    I’m locked out from facebook (service provider thing – I’m in south africa, and my service provider is trying to save bandwidth) so I’m commenting on this page.
    After your unicycling blog, I got one (I’ve got two now) and havn’t been joggling for 2 weeks. The next best thing to joggling is unicycling – hey, it is a new challenge. I bet if the guys in the study covered uni’s, they’ll come up with nice stuff about how the balancing skill uni requires develops the brain, similar to juggling.

    I’m 35, and what juggling, joggling and unicycling taught me is you don’t need to be a child to enjoy going outside and play.

    Soon I’ll be riding downtown for the local 21k to joggle it, getting there on my Uni. How cool is that!!!

    PS: I believe I broke the South African 21k joggling record with a time of sub 2:05. I’m the only competitor, but it is record just the same.

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