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Joggling Keeps Your Mind Sharp

why are you a joggler

This is part of a series of personal posts answering the most commonly asked question, “Why Do You Joggle?

I spend many hours sitting at a computer trying to execute a number of writing ideas, product ideas, and any other idea that might be worth pursuing. But good ideas rarely come to me while I’m at the computer. More often, I get ideas while joggling.

Today, when my iPod ran out of power (after only 15 minutes), the idea generating machine kicked in. I thought about a series of post about Beginning Joggling. Another about how to begin a marathon training program. I had a few ideas about solving the smelly shirt problem. As I joggled around parking meter posts, I thought more about joggling banzuke and how that sport might become reality. With every throw and catch, ideas just kept springing to my mind. This doesn’t happen to me by merely running.

I joggle because it exercises my mind.

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  1. Yes, a marathon training guide for jogglers would be cool. Tips and training ideas, and other stuff to help people keep it in the air for 26.2 miles.

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