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Joggling Streak Day 137

Day 137 of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: An easy joggling run on the last day of me being in my thirties. I guess I have mixed feelings about it. 40 sounds old. And it feels old, especially when you get a letter from your health insurance company telling you your premium has increased because of your birthday.

On the other hand, being 40 means that I get 5 extra minutes to qualify for Boston! Plus, since I’m going to live until 107, forty years isn’t even half way there.

Listened to an excellent podcast. I love the Stanford Thought Leaders series. It’s inspirational to hear people who had plans and dreams then made them happen.

Weather: 49 F, sunny

Distance: 2.0 mi – Bucktown 2 mile Loop

Time: 4:30 pm

Run time: 17:00

Listening to: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Weight: 197 lbs

Drops: 0

Condition: Felt good.

Shoes: New Balance – 220 mi

Joggling Streak Day 137 on

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  1. Happy 40th. The forty year old joggler, sounds like a movie title to me. Starring Chicago’s very own….

    I feel like 80 right now, for some reason after I took some time off, my knee has sharp pain when I get to 1 mile. I need to see an ortho doctor to get it checked out, I can’t even joggle right now 🙁 It’s pretty strange, because I never had this during my training.

  2. Happy birthday, Perry. Getting older is actually a pretty good deal, considering the alternatives.

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