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Lakefront 50 miler – joggling epilogue

Last post on this race, I promise.

I just got the results. The winner of this race did it in a blazing 5:31!! That’s around a 6:40 pace which is what I can do in a 5K. Ridiculous. It turns out I finished 16th out of 74 finishers with an “official”lakefront joggling time of 8:23:52. Apparently, it took me 10 seconds to get to the start. No matter, I’ll take that. Now, I’ve got to file the paperwork with Guinness.

Thanks again to everyone for the great comments and support. It wouldn’t mean anything without you.

If you want to read an entertaining recap of the race check out Dave’s report. He ran and chatted with me for the first few miles. He had the unfortunate luck of getting his keys locked in his car right before the race and had to run without his watch, mp3 player or any of his supplies. Quite a story.

You can also see how Running Jayhawk’s race went and Ryan’s. He kicked the marathons a**.

For photos of the race, check out the smug mug page put together by Vincent Nall.

Now, I take a little break from running / joggling. Of course, I’m going to keep the joggling streak alive, but instead of 50 miles a week, I’ll go down to 15 – 20.

I need a rest.

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  1. Yea! Beautifully done, Perry! A worthy effort of a serious joggler! Congrats again bro! Now, about this walking in a race thing… 🙂

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