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Man Runs 131 Marathons in 131 Days

Last year it was Sam Thompson running 51 marathons in 51 days for the people of New Orleans. Dean Karnazes also did 50 in 50 days to inspire us to get healthy and achievejuggling running 131 miles their personal best.

Well, here’s Brad Alsop a 37-year-old from Kentucky. He’s in the middle of a project to run 131 marathons in 131 days. He’s doing it to raise money for Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. Check out his updates and some of the times he’s posting. The fastest I’ve seen is 3:14. The slowest 5:19. All are done on the same course at the same time each day. I wonder what kind of job he’s got. hmmm. There’s some more posted about Brad Alsop’s story here.

This has certainly helped put my 30-miler joggling training run coming up this weekend in perspective.

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