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100 days of joggling (part 1) – 7 tips to keep up a running and juggling streak

Yesterday was the 100th day in a row of the joggling streak. Everyday since January 15, 2007, I’ve joggled at least 1 mile; a total of 453.55 miles. All but about 10 of those miles were done joggling.juggling streak

For the total mileage breakdown you can see my chart over at

So, you might be wondering, how can do you keep a streak alive and what will it do to your body? Here are some tips.

7 Tips for keeping a running and juggling streak alive

  1. Determine how long it will last. This joggling streak will go on for at least a year. But you don’t need to go that long. Start with a 30-day joggling streak. After 30 days, it becomes a habit and it’ll feel weird if you don’t get your workout in for that day.
  2. Write it down. Nothing solidifies a daily routine like writing it down. I use a combination of and an Excel spreadsheet on my Treo.
  3. Review & Reward your progress. At least once a week look back and see how you’re doing. This alone you will find it satisfying. But also give yourself a reward. I like candy bars or Diet Vanilla Cherry Dr. Pepper. Running & juggling everyday is not easy so congratulate yourself for keeping it up. As the QOD Network used to say “If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?”
  4. Tell other people about it. If you tell people about your streak or workout routine, they may be interested enough to ask you about it at another time. Knowing your friends and family will ask is motivating enough to keep you going.
  5. Plan your runs. I don’t plan how far to joggle each day, but I do plan doing it. If I have to keep the streak alive by running in the morning, that’s when I run. You can skip lunch, run after work, or even after dinner. And if the weather sucks, fret not. Follow these tips for running in bad weather.
  6. Do some races. It’s much easier to keep a running or juggling program going everyday if you have some goals to work toward.
  7. Dedicate yourself to doing it. There are lots of things you do each day. Brush your teeth, eat, go to work, tell your wife you love her. Make the streak something that you just do.

In part 2, we’ll look at what happens to your body when you run this many days in a row.

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