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Want a way to get faster and juggler better – try sleeping

One of the hardest things about joggling the Great Midwest Relay is the fact that you don’t get much sleep at all. I was actually pretty surprised at my performance considering howjoggling running juggling in sleep little sleep I had.

Here is some research suggesting that getting extra sleep actually improves performance. It’s long been known that lack of sleep is detrimental to performance but it was unknown what extra sleep would do.

In the study, the scientists observed basketball players at Stanford. They first got a 2-week baseline of their sleep-wake patterns and then gave them extended sleep periods for the next 2-weeks.

They evaluated their performance on both sprint time and free-throw proficiency. It turns out that when they slept more they shot better and most importantly, they sprinted faster.

How to become a faster joggler

So the bottom line is that there is something you can do to improve your juggling skills and make yourself a faster runner.

Just get more sleep.

And if you’d like to learn more about the health benefits of sleep check out Cram Science.

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