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3 reasons to add breakfast to your joggling

In 2005, I consumed 144 donuts. Sugar dusted, custard filled confections were my favorites, but coconut encrusted ring donuts were great too.

Last year, I just stopped. The great donut nix of 2006 is what it was called. I mostly stopped eating breakfast except occasionally 2 pieces of half-toasted bread schmeared with Country Crock margarine. The result of skipping breakfast? Well, in 2005 I weighed 191 pounds (86.8kg) at the endjuggling arizona marathon joggling of the year. In 2006, I was 195 pounds (88.6 kg). This was despite joggling 150 more miles.

Certainly, the weight gain could be attributed to different factors like eating more, sleeping less, and getting older. But according to this article about the importance of breakfast, The great donut nix of 2006 could’ve also been a factor.

Why you should eat breakfast

According to the article, here’s why all world class jogglers should regularly eat breakfast.

  1. Breakfast is linked to lower body mass. Less mass takes less power to move. Therefore, running and juggling is easier if you weigh less. You also can run faster without exerting more energy.
  2. Breakfast reduces your risk for obesity & insulin resistance. Suffice it to say that obese jogglers are generally slower than the non-obese jogglers.
  3. Breakfast is proven to help in maintaining long-term weight loss. Hey, if it’s proven it must be true, right?

So that’s it fellow jogglers. Feel free to keep eating those donuts. Granted cereal, oatmeal, eggs & toast may all be better choices but even donuts are better than skipping it all together. Now, I think I’ll go have some cereal. For some reason, I’m hungry.

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